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Mozilla Firefox 8 Beta is now available for testing on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.
This beta adds features and user interface elements that make browsing easier and tools that help developers build more secure and innovative Web experiences.

What’s New in Firefox 8 Beta for Windows, Mac and Linux :

**Twitter Search: Firefox Beta adds Twitter as a default search option to make searching #hashtags and @usernames easier. (Currently available in English, Portuguese and Slovenian. More languages will be added in future releases.)
**Restore tabs on demand: Users can choose to load tabs only when selected, resulting in faster start-up times when windows with lots of tabs are restored. Windows users can find this option in the Firefox Menu, under Options, on the General tab. Mac users can find this option in the Firefox Menu, under Preferences, in the General tab.

**Enhanced control of add-ons : Users will receive…

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“Nokia Corp., having abandoned its ambition to develop a high-end operating system, is shifting its programming efforts toward creating software for its low-end phones, according to people familiar with the matter.

The project is a Linux-based operating system code-named Meltemi, the Greek word for dry summer winds that blow across the Aegean Sea from the north. It is being led by Mary McDowell, the handset maker’s executive vice president in charge of mobile phones, these people say.

A spokesman for Nokia, Doug Dawson, declined to comment on the Finland-based company’s future products or technologies.

Nokia’s attempt to build its own software is another sign that the value in the technology industry is shifting from hardware to software. In the past year, Google Inc.’s Android software has dominated the midrange smartphone market while Apple Inc.’s iPhone, which runs Apple’s iOS software, has captured the high end.

Analysts say mobile-handset makers that…

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Eclipse Color Theme

For those of you that use a dark GTK or QT theme or just prefer a dark themed editor ,eclipse color theme makes it possible to switch color themes conveniently and without side effects. eclipse color theme

You may need to install the eclipse marketplace client

After the installation, go to Window→Preferences→General→Appereance->Color Theme to change the color theme.

Eclipse Color Theme

While Eclipse allows you to change the syntax coloring in great detail, there is no support for managing multiple color themes. It is possible to achieve that by importing and exporting preferences files, but this is inconvenient and likely to mess up your preferences. Furthermore, color themes have to be created for every single editor, a theme for the Java editor does not change the XML, JavaScript or any other editors. This plugin solves these issues by mapping a generic color theme format to specific preferences entries for each supported editor.

Eclipse Color Theme currently supports the following editors:

  • Text
  • Java
  • Java properties
  • XML
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • PHP
  • Ant
  • SQL
  • Python
  • JSP
  • Perl
  • Groovy
  • FDT
  • ActionScript/MXML (Adobe Flash Builder)
  • Ruby
  • Scala
  • FreeMarker (JBoss Tools)
  • PDE
  • ColdFusion (CFEclipse)
  • TCL
  • BibTex/LaTeX (TeXlipse)
  • R (StatET)

Available themes:

You can download additonal themes or create your own on