Upgraded to Cyanogen Mod 7

I recently upgraded my old HTC Hero from CM6 to 7 . The install process was pretty painless largely due to the fact I had the bulk of the work done from when I installed CM6 previously.

The upgrade and install process

I used rom manager to download and flash the rom and google tools but not before backing up my applications and data. I used the well known titanium backup for this . Once this was completed I chose to wipe the dalvik cache and system data and proceeded to install the rom via rom manager.

The install process completed fairly quickly and within no time I was back up and running . I had previously read a few reports of the rom behaving sluggishly and some people having problems, so I was anxious to ensure all the essentials worked.

Wifi , camera , gps , audio and the rest worked fine with no problems. I did notice the rom feeling a little sluggish though. To remedy this I went into the settings and overclocked the processor the 710Mhz . I tried to push it higher but it kept shutting down . Also another thing I did was to install launcher pro as the default dock instead of ADW that comes with the rom by default. I found these tweaks to greatly improve the speed and responsiveness of the rom.

So how does it compare to CM6 ?

Overall the rom seems to be more responsive , I had applied the same tweaks to CM 6 also so I’m not sure how much of a difference there really is in terms of speed or whether it is mainly the placebo effect.

In the previous version I had to install setCpu to overclock the processor while this rom had the option built into the settings. This made it very convenient and saves space too.

The UI looks a lot sleeker this time around and allows for greater theming options. Some examples  are the status bar , the dialer , the keyboard.

CM7 also has the ability to take screenshots by default which saves me having to connect it to ADB via USB to take them.



Overall I am very pleased with the performance and quality of the rom and I would like to take this time to thank the cyanogen mod community for the hard work they put into their releases and for keeping the older models alive.


My current setup


Fresh CM7 Setup



2 responses to “Upgraded to Cyanogen Mod 7

    • Hi George , sorry for the delay in replying . Normally you don’t have to partition the SD card if the phone can read it already but if you really need to do it, any disk utility such as gparted should do it.

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